August 15, 2015 special historic steam train Anthracite entered on our railway siding, under the Festival of technical monuments.

So again rode a steam locomotive on the tracks of our siding for the first time after more than twenty years! This event was preceded by a joint request to allow the entrance of particular historic steam train Anthracite on our railway siding from „Muzeum Przemysłu i Kolejnictwa na Śląsku, ul. Towarowa 4, 58-140 Jaworzyna Śląska“ and „Centrum Nauki i Sztuki Stara Kopalnia, ul. Wysockiego 29, 58-304 Wałbrzych“. It was honored to comply this request and allow the special historical train ride along the route, “Jaworzyna Śląska – Wałbrzych – Jaworzyna Śląska.”

The program of Festival of technical monuments was the more interesting – after all in the past, steam engines after this route transported hundreds of tons of coal from the former mine Thorezto which also belonged to our present, modernized railway siding. The presence of historic steam train Anthracite in the area of our company was completely without any problems and seamless – so now we can look forward to other similarly exciting and successful event.