December 12, 2014 we started mining of coal sludge in tailings ponds 2 on our grounds in Walbrzych. It is an further, systematic and in many respects very important step to enable liquidation of old mining damage by mining of coal sludge stored on our grounds, ran effectively and maximally considerate towards the environment and the residents of the city.

There was thus from the mining perspective the de facto linked tailings ponds 3 and tailings ponds 2. This allows us to not only optimize operational costs, but we are able also more operational and at the same time simultaneously address the immediate needs of customers, as well as to adverse weather conditions. A natural consequence of our systematic multi-year mining activities is the fact that the walls of tailings ponds today create a very effective noise barrier and the impact of industrial activity of our company around it practically does not occur. We pay attention very well that self-seeding trees growing on the outer slopes of dykes our tailing ponds remained intact.