About Us

25 years of

We are an active supplier of fuels to the energy and heating industry – our largest trading partner is the energy company ČEZ, a.s. We use industrial automation technology and we have a production plant and railway infrastructure. We are a leader in innovation and research on waste methodologies from mining activities, including the introduction of these methods to the market and their industrial implementation.

We conduct activities that are beneficial for the environment, based on the removal of waste and the effects of mining damage. We run technical management, installations, support for the technical potential of electricity in Poland, 4,500 GWh of electricity, i.e. approximately 3% of the annual electricity production in Poland. We produce fuel while improving the condition of the natural environment and we are a potential resource of independence for the Wałbrzych city region. We have permission to manage waste from coal flotation enrichment. We are part of the industrial history of the city of Wałbrzych. We expect to have the energy of its industrial future as well.

Our history

The company was established in 1996 on the base of restructuring of the state company mine Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego Thorez w likwidacji. Since its establishment the company sells coal sludge which were waste of coking coal flotation process. Coal sludge were, in relation to flotation of the coal extracted from the mine Thorez, stored from the thirties of the last century until 1996, when the mine stopped mining.

Coal mined below ground is not a pure product – contains small fragments of rock that must be removed. This is achieved by a process for upgrading coal. It runs in the aquatic environment and its effect – except enriched – cleaned coal – is a waste – coal sludge. Due to the fact that the process was far from perfect, coal sludge contains large amounts of coal. In addition, our sludge comes from enrichment processes locally mined anthracite, which determines its high heating value.

Eko Carbo-Julia in a nutshell - from driving the first spade into the ground to professional production for Commercial Power Engineering: